185 Past And Present Police Officers Recognized For Long Service


Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson congratulates Detective

Inspector Kingsley Bennett, one of the officers awarded the JCF Medal

of Honour for Long Service and Good Conduct on Thursday.




The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) honoured 185 of its most faithful and dedicated police men and women, at a Long Service award on Thursday, November 29.

The Police Officers’ Club on Hope Road, St Andrew, was transformed into a regal and glitzy venue for the recognition of officers still enlisted to serve as well as some who were retired.




“I think this has set the tone and set the bar for how we need to recognise our officers, who’ve spent years of their lives dedicated to the safety and security of our citizens,” said Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson.

The Commissioner noted that this cohort of awardees represented all that was good about policing in Jamaica – despite its constraints and dangers.

“The nature of this award means that your conduct has been exemplary over that period. Within difficult and challenging circumstances, through which you exercise your service, your conduct was an example to your fellow police officers,” Anderson added.


In his remarks, Minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang commended the JCF and the 185 recipients on a job worked hard and done well.

“This year the Jamaica Constabulary Force celebrates over 150 years protecting and serving Jamaica. Indeed, this ‘force for good’ has lasted the test of time. I offer my sincere congratulations to all awardees today,” he said.

Minister Chang argued that as a society, Jamaica has proved itself to be a difficult place to police, and lauded the determination of the JCF to persist in spite of its multiple challenges.

“You are examples today of the spirit of cooperation and growth that must prevail within this force, in order to effect the society we all wish to see,” Chang added.

In accordance with Section 8 of the JCF Regulation, 1970, the medal of honour for long service and good conduct is awarded to “members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force below the rank of assistant superintendent who have completed 18 years’ continuous service in the force and whose conduct and character have been exemplary”.


By: Gavin Riley

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