2 Killed In Manchester Crash Identified


Police have identified the two people killed in a crash on the Melrose Bypass, Manchester yesterday, May 9.

Dead are: Fabian Edwards of Kingston 20 and Christopher Pengelley of Waterford, St. Catherine. Police said seven people were injured in the crash.

Reports are that about 3:30 p.m., Wednesday, Edwards was driving along the Melrose Bypass, with Pengelley as passenger. On reaching a section of the roadway, it is alleged that the driver of a motor truck travelling in the opposite direction lost control of the vehicle as a result of which the vehicle overturned and collided with Edwards’ vehicle and two other vehicles.

Edwards, Pengelly and seven passengers of the other three vehicles were taken to hospital where Edwards and Pengelly were pronounced dead and the others admitted.

The Porus policed are investigating.







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