$200 Million Facelift For Police Stations


Fourteen police stations across the island are to be refurbished as part of a programme to improve conditions for police staff and the public at a cost of approximately $200 million.


The Ministry of National Security has awarded eight contracts which will expedite the project. The contracts are in tandem with the Ministry’s transformational agenda to rebuild, overhaul and construct over 200 police facilities.


Last month, the Ministry of National Security (MNS) launched Project Rebuild, Overhaul and Construct (R.O.C), which aims to convert all police stations into modern, citizen-friendly workspaces, provide officers with a comfortable environment conducive for work, while creating the ambience for citizens to willingly and comfortably engage the police.


Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang, said the urgency with which the Ministry is treating these contracts corresponds with reports received from several divisional branches, outlining the need for improved amenities in police stations across the island.  


By providing police officers with updated, fit for purpose facilities, we are strengthening their capacity to appropriately represent their office, while effectively carrying out their duties in securing Jamaican lives and livelihoods“, Minister Chang explained.  


Renovation works include roof repairs, electrical fixes, plumbing, painting, termite treatment, flooring, perimeter fencing, internal wall repairs, refurbishing of bathroom facilities, doors and windows among other things.


Minister Chang implored the contractors to produce quality work that would greatly benefit the officers and by extension the citizens of Jamaica. “Every dollar of tax payers’ money is critically important and the quality work being produced should reflect that. Do the work well, and notify the Ministry if there are challenges.  The police men and women of our country deserve quality facilities to better serve the citizens of Jamaica“, said Minister Chang. He said police officers will soon have a new system which will facilitate reports on infrastructural deficiencies in real time, enabling the issues to be addressed as soon as possible. 


To date, The Mountain View, Trench Town, Hayes, Spring Hill and Sandy Bay Polices Stations have been completed.  Twenty-five (25) stations are being renovated, six are near completion, 16 stations are now through to the procurement process and the remaining eight are being appraised for the fiscal year 2019/2020.


Andrew Clunis

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