Easter Kite

Easter is a big time for kite making and flying in Jamaica. In fact some entrepreneurs have developed festivals around […]

Leo Horoscope 31 Mar 2018

Some people might feel that you are too old to learn something new-but that is far from the truth- you will easily learn new things because of your sharp and active mind. Losses are likely if you invest without seeking proper advice. S…

Scorpio Horoscope 31 Mar 2018

Be careful while driving a vehicle especially on turns. Somebody’s negligence could create some problems for you. Financial hassles will be eased out with the help of your friends. Do not neglect domestic responsibilities at any cost. H…

Capricorn Horoscope 31 Mar 2018

Today you need to relax and try to find happiness amongst close friends and family members. You will make some extra cash today if you play your cards well. Your family members are likely to create a mountain out of a molehill. Your lov…

Cancer Horoscope 31 Mar 2018

Health remains perfect. Do not indulge in speculation based on humours Friends will brighten up your day as they plan out something exciting for the evening. Ecstasy of soulful love will be felt today. Spare some time for it. Unexpected travel for some proves to be hectic and stressful. Love after marriage sounds difficult, but it is happening with you throughout the day. Our thoughts create our world – read a thought-provoking book and improve your power of thinking.

Lucky Number: 8

Virgo Horoscope 31 Mar 2018

A beneficial day and you may be able to find relief from a prolong illness. You will be in the mood to travel and spend money- but you will be sorry if you do. Social events will be perfect opportunity to improve your rapport with influ…