21-Year-Old Man Found With Gun Under Pillow Remanded Into Custody


A youngster charged in relation to a firearm seizure by police, was further remanded into custody when he appeared before high court judge Glen Brown in the St Ann Circuit Court on Tuesday, May 30.

Jameil Ellis, 21, was charged after a firearm was reportedly found in his possession. Allegations are that on May 4, 2016 officers went to Ellis’ home and knocked on the door. There was no answer. The officers then proceeded to enter the house.

It is further alleged that the officers turned on the lights and Ellis was seen sleeping. He woke up seemingly alarmed by the sight of the officers. A search was conducted and a 9mm firearm was found under his pillow.

On Tuesday Ellis’ legal representation was not settled and the matter was moved to the next sitting of the St Ann Circuit Court.  Ellis is expected to settle his representation by August 2, when he is to return to court.



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