5 Guns, 75 Rounds Of Ammo Seized In 24 Hours


Police seized five firearms and seventy-five (75) rounds of ammunition and arrested seven persons in connection with the seizures, all in less than 24 hours.


The seizures came from six parishes to include St. James, Westmoreland, Trelawny, Portland, St. Thomas and St. Catherine.


In St. James, one AK-47 rifle and two 5.76 rounds of ammunition were seized at premises in Paradise Rowe district, Friday afternoon.


In Westmoreland, along the Frome main road, a team of officers was on patrol when a motorcycle without registration plate affixed with two men aboard was signaled to stop. The driver refused to comply, sped off and crashed into a bicycle. One Taurus 9mm pistol and eighteen rounds of ammunition were seen along the roadway beside one of the men and were seized. One of the men escaped and the other was arrested.


In Trelawny, another Taurus pistol along with fifteen 9mm cartridges was seized during a stop and search operation about 10:25 p.m., in Zion district. Five men were taken into custody.


One 9mm Glock pistol along with twenty-two .40 cartridges was seized during a patrol on Palmetto Avenue in Bridgeport, St. Catherine. A man was held with the gun and ammunition after a search and taken to his home where an additional ten rounds of ammunition were found. The man was subsequently arrested and charged. He has been identified as 23-year-old Terrence Thomas otherwise called ‘TJ’, a truck driver of Biscayne Circle, Passage Fort, Portmore, St. Catherine.


In St. Thomas, one .380 pistol with a magazine containing two .380 cartridges was seized on Seaview Garden Drive in Lyssons.


And in Portland, Friday morning one magazine containing sixteen rounds of ammunition was seized by the Marine Police at a beach in Port Antonio, Portland.


The police say they are renewing their appeal for citizens to partner with them by sharing information on criminals and suspicious activities, at Crime Stop at 311, Police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.


Franklin McKnight

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