Dogged Determination! The Story Of A St Mary Couple Who Turned Failure Into Success…

Ainsworth Brown and his wife Addia had already invested over $10 million JMD in a poultry business they believed would liberate them from poverty. Things began well for them but an unscrupulous act from one their business partners led to an avalanche of problems. It resulted in the loss of 10, 700 chicks and a crashed business.

The couple, now married for ten years, were left with only their faith, a farm and – fortunately for them, skillsets that they later tapped into. After much fasting and praying and an epiphany rooted in agro-science, the two came up with Addia Essential Oil, their three-year-old business that produces therapeutic oils, candles, soaps and hydrosols.

For their ingenious idea, the happy couple collected the prizes for Best Agribusiness and agro-industry at the Denbigh show in August 2017, and Best Local Economic Development and Support Programme from the Social Development Commission (SDC) at St Mary’s third annual Community Incentive and Grants Programme Awards in December, last year.

The couple operate from a 10-acre land farm atop the hill in the cool and quiet community of Industry Pen, St Mary, where they also live with their sons Ainsworth Jr and Aiden.

Addia explaining the behind-the-scenes work to our Features Team.

Jamaica Today paid a recent visit to the Brown’s to get an idea of how things get done. We were treated with great hospitality and got exclusive footage seen below.

Roxroy McLean

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