2020 may be the year when the planet heats up so much and causes so much damage that people will finally begin to believe in Global Warming and its existential threat.


This, as the year has barely begun and two catastrophic events have already occurred, with both being blamed on Climate Change.


The first event was the Indonesia Floods that killed some 50 people in the capital city Jakarta, which had never seen so much water in living memory.


And on the heels of the first event came the second – a wild fire in Australia that has burned over 12 million acres of valuable trees that breath in the dangerous man-made greenhouse gas – CO2 – that causes global warming.


The Australian Fire, which the experts say is the work of Global Warming, is exhibiting ferocity never before seen in the country, belching smoke visible out in space, and killing animals and displacing people.

George Jude

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