A Total Of 19 Workplace Protocols Outlined


With the regular workday beginning tomorrow, Monday, June 1, the Ministry of Health and Wellness has outlined a COVID-19 Workplace Protocol, which is about working smarter and safer.


Employers are ordered to implement policies concerning physical distancing of at least six feet, and to make provisions for employees and visitors to clean their hands as often as necessary, as well as encourage them to cover coughs and sneezes by using elbows, tissues or hand towels.


Also, employers are to ensure that workspaces are appropriately cleaned routinely; and to use technology to reduce the need for physical meetings and gatherings.


Gathering orders of no more than 10 persons within a space is to be enforced.


Employers are to educate and train their staff about the virus and ways the spread can be reduced.


More details to come.


Shannon-Dale Reid


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