Airlines Ban Alcohol on Planes in Response to COVID-19


From wearing masks to blocking certain seats, almost all aspects of getting on a plane have changed in the last few months. But the one thing we hoped would stay the same forever—enjoying a tiny bottle of alcohol while 30,000 feet above earth—has now been banned by some airlines.


On Tuesday, American Airlines and Delta Air announced that they will stop selling alcoholic beverages on flights. The announcement comes as airlines scramble to minimize interactions between crew and passengers and revise their food and drink service as a whole. European airlines Easyjet and KLM and Virgin Australia also announced that they were suspending drink service.


Delta Airlines won’t serve alcohol on domestic flights or within the Americas, but beer, wine and spirits can be found on all other international flights. On American Airlines, food and drink service in the main cabin will be limited according to flight length and destination, and alcohol will only be offered on long international flights or to first-class passengers on any flight.


Banning alcohol isn’t the only change, many airlines are limiting drink options to water only and only offering pre-sealed snacks on flights. Honestly, this might be another reason to wait to book that vacation we’re all itching to go on.

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