Compressed package ganja seized off Westmoreland’s coast

As the security forces continue their stepped up operations in Westmoreland they have recovered a rifle and makeshift fire bombs, and seized a quantity of ganja at sea, in different operations.

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Coast Guard on Thursday (May 3) seized approximately 765 pounds of compressed marijuana when it intercepted a vessel off the coast of Westmoreland. Three men, one Haitian and two Jamaican nationals, were held in connection with the seizure.

Separately the Security Forces during operations in Savanna-la-mar seized an AK-47 rifle, ammunition and Molotov Cocktail bombs.

In a release, the JDF said a Coast Guard patrol team on board HMJS Cornwall was conducting routine patrols off the coast of Westmoreland when they spotted a blue motor-vessel whose actions were suspicious.

JDF Coast Guard vessel alongside boat with seized contraband


As the Coast Guard team approached the vessel the three men were spotted throwing a number of packages over board. The five packages that were thrown overboard were recovered and another eleven that were still on board were found to contain the contraband, leading to the arrest of the three men.

A number of fuel containers with over 150 gallons of fuel were also seized. The men have been handed over to the narcotics police.

The AK 47 assault rifle with a magazine containing seven 7.56mm rounds and two Molotov Cocktail Bombs were seized during a joint police/military operation in Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland on Thursday, May 3.

Reports are that between 12:30.p.m, – 4:30.p.m, the team conducted cordon and search operations, when the firearm was seen in a vegetated area. A more detailed search then led to the discovery of the bottle bombs that were hidden behind a building.

No one was arrested in connection with the seizure.



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