All States of Emergency To End July 25


It was announced by the Andrew Holness led government that all states of emergency across ten police divisions will end on July 25.

Dr Horace Chang, Minister of National Security made the announcement to parliamentarians while seeking an extension of the measure in the Kingston Western and Kingston Central police divisions that were imposed on June 14 and required the vote of Parliament to sanction an extension.

Dr Chang disclosed that “there will be no extension beyond the 25th” (July), explaining that the intention was to synchronize the latest state of emergency with others which had been in place before, “and everything comes to an end the 25th.”

The House of Representatives made and passed the motion for an extension of the states of emergency in the two Kingston police divisions. However, a few opposition MPs voted against the resolution.

This move to end the State of Emergencies on July 25, is seen by members of the opposition as a sign that the JLP is preparing for the pending general elections which are constitutionally due February of 2021.

Such an assumption came following comments made by PM Andrew Holness in April when he made it known that he does not intend to have a general election with states of emergency across the island.

The current security measures are within St. James, Hanover, Westmoreland, Clarendon, St. Catherine North and South, St. Andrew South, and Kingston East. All will end on July 25.

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