All’s In Place For New School Year – Samuda


The Ministry of Education says it expects a smooth start to the school year that begins Monday, September 2. Acting Minister of Education Karl Samuda says the Government has made several moves to support the education system, ahead of the start of the school year.

At a press conference Thursday, August 29, Mr. Samuda said the Government had provided resources for the rehabilitation of several schools, including furniture and made available funds, including for maintenance and direct support to students in need. He said the money paid out by Government including funding for temporary and part-time teachers and the payment for 18 temporary deans of discipline. He said nutrition support programmes include provision of $327 million for the payment of 1,093 school cooks in primary schools, $100 million for the upgrading of school canteens and provision of equipment.

More than $660 Million has been provided for 126 schools under the 2019-2020 Critical Repairs Programme. Direct support was also provided for students under the PATH Programme and as transport subsidy for rural area children as well as book vouchers for the neediest of students to purchase school supplies.

Additionally, the Ministry has spent $800 million on books for students under the National Textbook Loan Scheme and the Primary Textbook Programme. He said also that the Ministry of Education will be seeing to it that schools get adequate supplies of water.


Franklin McKnight

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