Ann Marie Vaz Sets Out Plans For East Portland As She Is Endorsed By Big Wigs Of JLP

Ann-Marie Vaz is being greeted by Prime Minister Andrew Holness while at left is Daryl Vaz


Ann Marie Vaz was presented to Portlanders Sunday night, September 9, as the best chance for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) to take the seat from the PNP that has held it for 30 years.

Mrs Vaz, wife of the MP for West Portland Daryl Vaz, told the JLP rally in Port Antonio square that she had big dreams for the constituency. It is now represented by Dr Lynvale Bloomfield of the PNP.

“I have big dreams for East Portland that every single child in East Portland will get the best education possible in the best environment so that he or she can maximize their true potential,” she said. Mrs Vaz announced details of some foundations and NGOs with which she is working to expand educational opportunities for young people and bring development to the area.

She challenged parented to get an education and see to it that their children also are educated.

Meantime, Prime Minister Andrew Holness who presented Mrs Vaz mentioned the East Coast Highway that is to run from Harbour View, St Andrew to Port Antonio. “When this end of the island is open up tourism opportunities in such a great way that you will see the transformation of St Thomas, Portland and St. Mary. Work has already started on the Junction main road in St. Mary,” Mr Holness said.

He said an Industrial Estate is to be developed in Boundbrook and the Factories Corporation is going to lead the charge and to consolidate in one area all government services that are now all over Port Antonio.

Among senior government and JLP officials at the rally endorsing Mrs Vaz as candidate were: Audley Shaw, Dr Nigel Clarke, Christopher Tufton, Edmund Bartlett and James Robertson as well as several local government representatives.

By Franklin McKnight

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