As SOE Is Lifted Curfew Imposed In Part Of St Catherine North

The security forces are maintaining their presence in St Catherine North where a State of Emergency (SOE) ended Wednesday, January 2. A curfew has been imposed in sections of the St. Catherine North Police Division, beginning at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

It will remain in effect until 6:00 p.m. on Friday, January 4.

Some segments of the business community, especially in Spanish Town, had expressed anxiety and concern after it was made clear that the SOE was ending there right after New Year’s. The area under curfew encompasses a part of Spanish Town.

The boundaries of the curfew are as follows:

North: Along Greendale main road from the bridge at Dempshire Pen to the intersection with Michael Manley Boulevard;

East: Along Michael Manley Boulevard from Greendale main road to the intersection with Spanish Town Bypass;

South: Along Spanish Town Bypass from Michael Manley Boulevard to the bridge at the Rio Cobre River, and

West: Along the eastern bank of the Rio Cobre River from the bridge at the Rio Cobre River to the Bridge at Dempshire Pen.

During the hours of the curfew, all persons within the boundaries of the curfew are required to remain within their premises unless otherwise authorized in writing by the ground commander.

Franklin McKnight

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