Back To The Classroom But All Not Happy



Parents this morning, Monday, June 8, had to allow their children who will be sitting the CAPE and CESE examinations next month to return to the classroom with their peers and teachers.

This is after acting Education Minister, Karl Samuda announced last week that schools will resume teaching in the classroom today, which will be a refresher programme for the exam that will end on July 3.

Many institutions did as much preparation as they could, with the installation of hand sanitizer dispensers and soap placed at all sinks inside and outside of the restrooms. Students are encouraged to wear a mask at all times, classrooms will be opened up for sunlight, and no gathering will be allowed.

Some schools also had a “wash your hands time” scheduled for each class, as a means of promoting cleanliness to reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

While today ran fairly smooth and had the prime minister commending the institutions for implementing guidelines to keep all students, teachers, and staff safe, some students have voiced their concerns about the ‘quick return to the classroom.’

Schools were closed in March by the Government as part of efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus, and since then students and teachers had to adjust to online learning by the use of Zoom, Google Classrooms, and WhatsApp.

Now they are back in the classroom, for some there is a fear that someone could have the virus and infect another even with the measures being put in place.

Some time students are also of the view that more can and could be done to protect the nation’s youth against the virus.

Others, however, are happy to be back and interacting with their peers even if it is at the distance of 6 feet.

State Minister of Education Alando Terrelonge visited a few schools and branded the students as “kings and queens”, motivating them to continue to press onward and assuring them that the government is committed to their education.



Shannon Dale Reid

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