Backpack Essentials For Primary, High School And University Students


Having a well-organised backpack with all the essentials is important and can help make that first day and the rest of the year go smoothly. Here are some backpack essentials for students from prep and primary school through to university.

Prep and primary school

1. The bag

Choose a two-strap backpack for young children as these are better for neck and back health, especially when the bag is heavy.

2. Spare clothes

Accidents happen. Tuck an extra set of clothes into your child’s backpack so they’ll be prepared just in case something happens.

3. Lunch box

Pack a healthy lunch for little ones in a lunch box that can fit inside their backpack or be strapped to the front. You should look for a lunchbox that’s waterproof and leak-proof.

4. Reusable water bottle

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated. Sending your child to school with a reusable water bottle means they’ll have access to H2O throughout the day. Reusable bottles also save money and are better for the environment.

5.      Pencil box or bag

To keep pencils and crayons from floating around in their bags or getting left behind on desks, get a pencil box where they can all be stored. Kids don’t need more than two pencils and two pens at any given time!

6.      Folders

A folder is a backpack must even for little ones. Folders with pockets make it easy to store and organise handouts and loose sheets. 


High school and university

 1.      Practical backpack

Side bags or messenger bags are stylish, but a two-strap backpack is kinder on your back and neck. With all the books and papers you’ll be carrying around, you’ll want to distribute the load across your back evenly. Choose a backpack that can also accommodate your laptop if you need to carry one.

2.      Laptop

A laptop or tablet is a must for university students these days. Make sure that you get a sleeve or case to cover and protect your devices in your bag.

3.      Two-pocket folders or binders

For high school and college students, one folder per subject provides a good level of organisation.  Ensuring that you have separate folders for each subject in your bag means no more misplacing important information or homework you need to hand in.

4.      Small essentials kit

Pack a small bag with those handy personal items that we never seem to have around when we need them like tissues, medications, personal hygiene products, hand cream, lip balm, etc. Keeping these items in a small kit makes sure things stay organised and easy to find.

5.      Reusable water bottle

Stay hydrated throughout your long school day by carrying a reusable bottle with you. You’ll save money by not buying bottled water, soda or juice (which are both high in sugar).

6.      Snacks

For high school and university students, school days can be very long. Carry some healthy snacks in your backpack to keep you satisfied between meals. Snacks such as mixed nuts and granola will prevent you from buying nutritionally devoid candy bars or chips.  

7.      Two pens, two pencils

Pretend that your backpack is Noah’s Ark. Pack two pens, two pencils and two highlighters, one to use and one as a backup. There’s no need to weigh yourself down with more.


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