Bandwagon Drags Music And Dance Into Discovery Bay, Other St Ann Towns

The usual Saturday afternoon shopping routine was pleasantly interrupted in Discovery Bay just around noon August 4 as the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC’s) Festival Bandwagon touched down in the town.

The mobile unit with stage, DJ and a train of performers in other vehicles took up position in the Discovery Bay Plaza across from Puerto Seco Beach and immediately turned the scene into a party atmosphere with colourful costumes and music.

There were nearly two dozen dancers doing traditional and modern dance routines in which shoppers and passers-by partook.

Popular among the dance that the Evolution dance group did were the “Shoulder” and “Rope”. Equally appreciated by the crowd was the dance moves by the young team from Manchioneal, Portland with their Dinky Mini.

Music pulsated from the set and the dancers mixed with the audience as the emcee spoke about the diary of activities including events in St Ann’s Bay Sunday and Monday.

The wagon that had already gone to Ocho Rios, later left for Brown’s Town.

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