Bartlett Etablishes Group To Consider Entertainers’ Grouses, Other Issues In Tourism

Minister of Tourism Ed Bartlett meeting with hoteliers and other leaders in tourism industry.

The Minister of Tourism has set up a seven-member working group to consider concerns of entertainers and other service and goods providers in the industry.

The group is to be chaired by Chairman of the Tourism Linkages Council, Adam Stewart and is to report to the minister within a month.

Mr. Bartlett met with the group today (Thursday, June 14) following complaints by spokespersons for entertainers that they were being displaced from shows and entertainment programmes at North Coast hotels.

According to a release from the Ministry of the Tourism, the Minister the Council and major hoteliers discussed “a range of issues including entertainment and other pertinent tourism matters.”

Mr. Bartlett said the working group will also comprise representatives from the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA), Jamaica Association of Villas and Attractions and leading hotel chains.

“This working group has been charged to work on the various issues discussed including entertainment, training and certification, issuing of work permits, craft vendors, ground transportation, and information for Tourism Demand Study,

The working Group will also present a proposal on the way forward within a month,” Minister Bartlett added.

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