Bay-C Is Victim Of Theft And Loses Priceless Material



Dancehall artiste Bay-C was left despondent on Monday, February 25 after thieves broke into his motor car and made off with some of his most valuable possessions. This happened at a popular jogging trail in Kingston.

The entertainer told Jamaica Today in an interview on Tuesday, that he had been parking his gold Toyota Pajero at the location near the trail for many years without incident.

“It happened in Kingston up by Widcombe. [I] arrived there [at] 6:00 pm, parked the vehicle and went for a jog, 20 minutes up, half an hour down. I reached back to my car roughly around 7 o’clock,” he said.



Bay-C, born Rushawn Clarke, told Jamaica Today that when he reached the vehicle and was opening it he noticed the back passenger window smashed.

“At first, I couldn’t believe it, so I was looking if a coconut drop inna di car or something. I couldn’t really believe somebody would violate my vehicle,” he added.

According to Bay-C who has filed a police report about the matter, he has lost a variety of items including a Mac laptop and several hard drives and thumb drives, containing years of music, as well as his vast catalogue of unreleased work.

“All my information, especially the hard drives – a lot of music are on these hard drives. It’s really irreplaceable. You can buy new hard drives but it’s the content we’ve done over the years,” Bay-C contended.



Bay-C told Jamaica Today that a report was filed at the Matlida’s Corner Police Station and in the meantime, a reward is being offered to anyone who can assist with the return of the stolen data and items.

“A reward is there if it can be returned. I’ve expressed to people [out there] that all media can be a mid-point; even contact me through social media. I’m not going to specify the amount but whoever specifies that they have it and can verify that, there is a reward,” he said.



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