Biodiversity Important To Health And Well-being- Minister Vaz

Minister with responsibility for the Environment, Hon. Daryl Vaz says Jamaica must act now in protecting the country’s biodiversity. Minister Vaz was speaking via a video presentation at a Virtual Panel Discussion hosted by the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation in commemoration of International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) 2020, today (Friday, May 22).

He says “the measures we take today will go a long way towards helping our environment and building long term sustainability”.


“There is no doubt that our present and future health and well-being are linked to the health of our natural environment. For example, watersheds play a critical role in providing clean water and rainfall, while reducing floods and drought. Forests help to purify the air we breathe and provide habitats for many species of plants and animals, while mangroves and coral reefs protect our shorelines and are sanctuaries for a variety of marine life”, the Minister noted.


“Effective action to preserve the environment and biodiversity may be as simple as planting a tree, recycling and properly disposing of our waste, conserving on our use of water, and eliminating plastic packaging and other materials that are harmful to our ecosystems and biodiversity”, he added.


The Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation in partnership with the Forestry Department and the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), hosted a series of virtual events to commemorate IDB 2020, May 18 – 22 under the theme “Our solutions are in Nature”.


Among the activities were lunch hour presentations on biodiversity, a panel discussion centred on the theme, Our Solutions are in Nature-The Jamaican Context, and an Art Exhibition.

Juliane Robinson



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