Breezes Bahamas One Of Many Hotels Unscathed By Dorian


Chairman of Super Clubs and owner of Breezes Resort and Spa in the Bahamas, John Issa, is assuring the world that the resort and its guests are fine as is the case for other resorts on New Providence, Bahamas.


“Nassau (New Providence) is still in business and the people are going to need the support to carry the rest of the Bahamas,” said Issa, well known businessman and hotelier. He was speaking in an interview on the worldwide broadcast station Al Jazeera.


The world has been seeing images of the devastation of sections of the Bahamas, including Abaco and Grand Bahama Island battered by category 5 hurricane Dorian Sunday evening to Tuesday morning.


However, the impression given is that the entire Bahamas has been decimated. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is over 700 islands and cays, spread out over some 100,000 square miles.


Breezes Bahamas is found on Cable Beach, on New Providence Island close to Nassau (the capital) and the main airport. Mr Issa pointed out that Nassau airport was not closed and that guests who wanted to leave did so before the hurricane hit.


“We did all the normal preparations…putting up our shutters on our beach front rooms, making sure they were secure so that if we had a surge and you know alerting our guests to what was coming and then our outdoor furniture we had to secure. Thank God there weren’t any heavy waves…”


Mr Issa said “We escaped very luckily”. He said all of the hotels on New Providence and around Nassau remained open and were not damaged. He added that the same could not be said of other parts of the Bahamas. Mr Issa said hurricane Dorian was one of the strangest he had seen, relating to how it literally just sat over the islands for over 36 hours as a category 5 causing widespread devastation and loss of lives on some of the islands and cays.


Franklin McKnight

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