Bunting Lashes Holness Administration

Peter Bunting speaking in NW St Ann Sunday night


Aspirant for the Presidency of the People’s National Party (PNP), Peter Bunting says there is concern about several sectors of the economy and society and what he called the looting of the public treasury.

Bunting was speaking at the constituency conference of MP for North West St Ann, Dr Dayton Campbell in Brown’s Town St Ann, Sunday night, August 18. Dr Campbell is the Chairman of Bunting’s ‘Rise United’ campaign that is seeking to remove Dr Peter Phillips as PNP President.

Mr Bunting said the bauxite mining industry was in trouble and referred to layoffs at JISCO/Alpart in Nain, St Elizabeth arguing that there was uncertainty about the jobs of those still employed. He said he had gone all over the country and seen the sugar industry in distress in Clarendon, St Thomas and Westmoreland.

He said doctors had recently given details about problems in the health sector that, he said, Dayton Campbell as Opposition spokesman had been speaking about. On education he said an apartheid system existed to the disadvantage of the poor. Bunting said “Poverty is increasing, crime is increasing, despite the state of emergency. Unemployment… they say it’s down but so are the real wages of workers.”

Part of the crowd of supporters at the PNP North West St Ann Constituency meeting, at Brown’s Town community College, Sunday, August 18.


He said the Minimum Wage today is less than it was in real terms in 2007. Mr Bunting said workers have fewer rights today than they did in the 1970s when Michael Manley introduced various benefits and rights for workers.

He said the Government of Andrew Holness had not been taking action against corruption and theft of the country’s resources. He said his aim was to “get rid of these bandits” so that Jamaicans would benefit from the country.


Franklin McKnight

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