Bunting’s Rise United Rejects Advertising Embargo Demand


The Rise United campaign of Peter Bunting is rejecting what it says are assertions of the One PNP campaign of Dr Peter Phillips that it should desist from running “media advertisements.”

The rejection, by way of a news release, comes just a week ahead of the September 7 election in the Party where Manchester Central MP Peter Bunting is challenging incumbent PNP President Peter Phillips, for the leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP).

Both sides and their supporters have been engaging in verbal battles on the political platform and social media in an effort to win over the majority of some 2,800 delegates who will decide who will lead the Party.

Bunting’s Rise United has been running a slick media campaign in traditional and social media and says they will not stop. They gave several reasons for that. The Rise team said it never accepted the aspect of a “proposed Code of Conduct” put forward by the internal Election Monitoring committee” and questions the legitimacy of that group. The Rise United Team said the request, for them not to advertise in the media, is both “undemocratic and discriminatory.” It said that aspect of the Code also breaches Bunting’s Constitutional Rights.

Further, it said in a few constituencies with MPs who favour Dr Phillips, the Bunting team has not been allowed to meet with delegates hence the ad campaign is a way to reach those delegates. Bunting’s Rise campaign also said it continues to object to the chairmanship of the Monitoring Committee by Fitz Jackson, Party Chairman who it said is a “well known and now publicly confessed supporter of Dr Phillips.”

The Bunting team in its release said the contest will determine who holds the office of Leader of Opposition and hence “the public has a legitimate interest in the message of both campaigns and it cannot be appropriate to impose a media embargo on communication with the wider public in this regard.”


Franklin McKnight

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