Call For Calm In The Transport System



Transport Minister Robert Montague and Opposition spokesman on Transport Mikael Phillips have both appealed for calm among transport operators following reported clashes Tuesday morning.


Mr Montague said efforts were continuing Tuesday morning to restore normality in the sector after buses in the Government-owned Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) and privately owned buses and taxis were withdrawn from service.


The service withdrawal Tuesday followed two reported deaths, one the fatal stabbing of a taxi operator and the other a reported reprisal shooting of a JUTC driver.


Mr Montague said: “The Police are also investigating two incidents which led to fatalities and have caused some tension in the sector. The Police have also moved to establish a presence at depots and have increased their patrol on various routes which commuters, taxi operators and JUTC buses traverse.”


Commenting on the preliminary details emerging, the Transport Minister said, “I wish to put on my human hat and say to the family of the deceased, my profound condolences and deepest sympathies. I cannot imagine the pain associated with your loss”.


And Mr Phillips is urging calm among operators. He said he was calling on the police to “ensure a safe environment for all workers and commuters in the KMTR.”



Franklin McKnight

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