Canadian Jamaican Bring Help To Blind Family And Appeals For More

FAMILY: These are the four members of one family in Crowder district, Westmoreland who are blind. They are, from left: Venicia, Virris (mother), Shanell, and Vanessa.


It’s not often that you will find several members of one family being blind. Well, four women from two generations in one Westmoreland family are blind and have been facing serious financial issues because of their lack of sight.

Dave Brown a Jamaican living in Canada came to know about that family and has been helping them and calling out for help for the entire household.

Brown loves to read the newspaper to see what is going on in his homeland, Jamaica. It was while reading a Jamaican newspaper in Canada that he saw the plight of the Baker family that lives in Crowder, Westmoreland.

Four of the females in the family are blind.

The mother, Virris Lynch has been blind for two years; Shanell Baker has been blind for four years; Venicia Baker blind for two years and Vanessa Baker has been blind for 10 years now.

Mr. Brown with the help of his co-workers in Canada and other friends pooled resources and made a presentation to the family members at their home on Thursday, July 25. Among the items given to the family were groceries, nutritious drinks and cash.

Mr. Brown is appealing to members of the public to assist these family members as they can’t see to do any work. He made a special appeal for improvement to be made to their house. “We are appealing to carpenters, plumbers, masons and electricians to come on board and help these people build a house so that they can live a better life,” Mr. Brown said. He said the board house in which they are now living is in poor condition and is in need of repairs.

This is the house shared by the blind women.

Vanessa Baker said that there is the possibility that she may be able to get back her sight. She said she went to a doctor in Montego Bay, St James and was told she has glaucoma and needs surgery. She said she is unable to afford the procedure. She and others family members are appealing to the public for assistance. They can be reached at 1-876-866-2164, or 1-876-573-3843.


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