Cancer Horoscope 8 Dec 2018, If possible try to avoid long journey as you are too weak to travel and this could put further weaken you. Even though funds will slip easily through your fingers- your lucky stars will keep the finances flowing. Be a luminary and perfectionist in your approach towards life and work. Nice human values with a warm heart and an innate urge to guide and help others. This would automatically bring harmony in your family life. You need to be in your best behaviour- because it won't take much to upset your lover today. Today you would be full of good ideas and your choice of activities will bring you gains far beyond your expectations. Laziness of your partner might disturb many of your tasks today. You may have plenty of time today, but do not waste your precious moments by building castles in the air. Doing something concrete will pave your way better for coming week.

Lucky Number: 6

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