Capleton Charged For Rape

Capleton has been arrested and charged for rape.

Capleton whose birth name is Clifton Bailey was arrested and charged Friday, May 11, by detectives assigned to the Centre for Investigation Sexual Offence and Child Abuse (CISOCA). He is in custody.

Fifty-one-year-old Capleton, also known as the “Fireman”, “the Prophet” among other names is a leading reggae and dancehall artiste. A Rastafarian, lives in Kingston and is from St Mary where he stages a huge annual show with some of the proceeds for charity.

According to the police, reports are that on Saturday, April 28 about 11:20 a.m., Capleton allegedly hired a female hairdresser to groom his hair at a hotel in New Kingston area. Whilst at the hotel it’s reported that he forcibly had sexual intercourse with her.

The matter was reported to the Police and an investigation launched. Bailey aka Capleton was subsequently charged after a question and answer interview was conducted in the presence of his attorney, Wednesday.

He is to appear before the St. Andrew Parish Court on Monday, May 14.

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