Mourning On North Coast For Man ...

  People in St Ann and St Mary are mourning the death Saturday, August 10, in Libya of a man […]

Iggy Azalea Gets Salty Over Rumo...

Iggy Azalea clapped back at The Daily Mail after the media outlet reported she enjoyed a dinner date with her […]

R&B Singer Brandy Unveils He...

R&B singer Brandy took to social media and unveiled that she has a new boyfriend, rapper Sir The Baptist. Almost IMMEDIATELY people started questioning whether dude was truly heterosexual.

Dude looks a little HOW U DOIN if you ask us . . .

Here are some more pics of dude:

Stripper called slut for selling...

Exotic dancer Kyla ‘Coco De Thick’ Ramsay who recently told The STAR that she would be selling her used panties […]

DRAKE’S Gonna Be A DADDY!!! Po...

TMZ just broke the news, Drake’s allegedly a father. Here’s what they are saying:

Sophie Brussaux has already hired 2 big NYC lawyers to get the paternity/child support ball rolling. She claims she’s 3 1/2 months pregnant and pins down conception to either January 20 or 21. The pic was taken January 24 at a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam.

And there’s more. She released some text messages – from when she told Drake she was pregnant:

Drake: I want you to have an abortion.
Brussaux: I can’t kill my baby simply to indulge you sorry.
Drake: Indulge me? F*** you.
Brussaux: What?
Drake: You do know what you’re doing you think you’re going to get money.

She claims she’s having a girl.

Drake’s rep says it’s not his, that the child belongs to another BIG NAMED RAPPER!!!

President Obama’s EX says He O...

Now that Michelle Obama is no longer First Lady, she really needs to PUT HANDS on Barack’s ex, Sheila Jager.

According to Sheila, Barack’s decision to marry Michelle (a Black woman) was purely political.

Sheila claims Barack knew he wanted to be President in college and his black political awakening during those years was purely about that ambition. Barack had this ambition even though there had never been a Black president, and it was unimaginable at the time.

So who is Sheila Jager? Well she received her Ph.D. at Oberlin College ad she is of Dutch and Japanese ancestry.

Sheila dated Barack when he was in his early/mid 20’s before law school. According to Sheila, Barack felt he “had to marry a black woman” to be a big politician, which is the only reason he chose Michelle.

Sheila Jager also claims that Barack asked her to marry him twice… she said NO twice!

Here is the lady: