Chamber Of Commerce Calls For Sanctions Over Petrojam Report

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce has joined other groups and individuals calling for sanctions and actions, following the tabling of the Auditor General’s report into Petrojam Limited and its parent company PCJ.

In a statement, the Chamber said the report seems to indicate that “the problem with Petrojam goes far beyond the actions of a few individuals but represents massive systemic failures both within the institution itself and in those organs of the state with oversight responsibilities.”

The JCC said further the AG’s report painstakingly indexes the occasions where the stipulations of the GOJ’s Accountability Framework and the Public Bodies Management & Accountability (PBMA) Act – or even the organization’s own policies – have been ignored or bypassed without any evident sanctions over the course of years and over different political administrations.

The Chamber called for the Corporate Governance Framework for Public Bodies to be embodied in law with the appropriate sanctions for breach. “We further hold that persons responsible for the flagrant misuse of public funds should never again be deemed fit to take up any future office where they will have similar responsibility for the expenditure of public funds,” it said.

By: Franklin McKnight

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