Clarendon Police List 15 Persons Of Interest

The Clarendon Police have listed fifteen (15) people as persons of Interest. The majority of the 15 are from two communities, Farm Effortville and Webb Lane, Palmers Cross

From Farm Effortville, Clarendon.

  • Leon Blackstock
  • Jerome Whyte, otherwise called ‘Labba’
  • Zemar Nelson, otherwise called ‘Dillen’
  • Everton Nelson, otherwise called ‘Eva’
  • Andrew Robinson, otherwise called ‘Breda Dog’
  • Omar Wright, otherwise called ‘Foxy’
  • Kenrick Scott, otherwise called ‘Mad Max’
  • Leon Rose, otherwise called ‘Hitler’
  • Claudius Bryan, otherwise called ‘Brains’


Persons of Interest from Webb Lane, Palmers Cross, Clarendon:

  • Lennox Bryson, otherwise called ‘Crimist’ or ‘Bull’
  • Paul Bryson, otherwise called ‘Ken’
  • Gilbert Mighty, otherwise called ‘Twinny’
  • Davren Johnson, otherwise called ‘Bling Dog’
  • Biggs


  • David Harris, otherwise called ‘Puppy’ from Pennants district in the parish.


In a release Wednesday night, the police said all the men listed are being asked to “immediately visit the May Pen Police Station.”


Additionally, anyone knowing their whereabouts is being asked to contact the May Pen Police at 986-2208, Crime Stop at 311, Police 119 emergency number or the nearest Police Station

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