Clearance Of ‘illegal’ Dumps Started

With the hurricane season upon us, which started June 1 and predictions of an active season, the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has started clearing illegal dumps across the island.

Executive Director Audley Gordon said, “We have looked at all the problematic areas that are historically prone to flooding. What we have said to all regions is to make sure that we try and get rid of the minidumps in those areas. We have already started cleaning all the minidumps, because when the rain comes, in the waterways and the low-lying areas the water will spread out, lift the garbage and clog up drains and cause all sorts of problems, so we have proactively started cleaning minidumps.”

He noted that clearing of these minidumps can be very costly to the Authority, but they have been incorporated into hurricane preparation plans for NSWMA.

Most of these are in flood-prone communities in the parishes of St Andrew, Clarendon, St James, St Ann, and St Elizabeth.

NSWMA, have already put a few things in place and have contacted their partners to clean these dumps.


Shannon-Dale Reid 

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