‘Clumsy’ Slavery Joke By Aussie TV Host Comes At Bolt’s Expense?

What started as a discussion into the future of Jamaica’s Usain Bolt in Australian football quickly careened into television host David Koch fumbling his foot-in-mouth attempt at a slavery joke.


David Koch, who was among several panelists deliberating a news item on the popular ‘Sunrise’ TV show on Tuesday morning, left his co-workers visually shocked at his ‘clumsy’ slavery reference.


Kock’s poor joke was made in reference to a story about Bolt, who is trying to start a professional football career with Australia’s Central Coast Mariners, possibly being transferred to a team in Europe.


“So the Mariners sell him for money, they make a lot of money out of it?” Koch remarked after the news item.


“It’s a win-win: You keep him, great. You sell him, so be it. That’s the tough world of professional football,” said sports reporter Mark Beretta.


“Who said slavery was over — anyway. No,” said Koch, before awkwardly changing topic.


The cameras soon cut away from the host — but not before the rest of the panel reacted to Koch’s badly handled moment.


The joke (or lack thereof) was not missed by viewers in Australia either.


“Did Koshie REALLY attempt to make a slavery joke, on the back of a Usain Bolt story? #genuinequestion #its2018 #waytotakehumanrightsbacktocenturiespast #idiot #sunrise,” one woman commented.


Gavin Riley

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