CMU Once More In Trouble



The Caribbean Maritime University according to the information given to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) yesterday, Tuesday, May 27, is that they have not provided all the bank accounts details during a special audit done by the Pamela Monroe Ellis-led Auditor General’s Department (AGD).


The department stated that they did not obtain critical information initially on CMU’s long list of bank accounts however, they sought confirmation from specific banks in relation to accounts held by the University.


It was then found out that not all CMU’s bank accounts were revealed to the Auditor General’s Department, as the Pamela Monroe Ellis said that “we learnt about the accounts that we spoke about by other means, so when we sent the bank confirmation to the banks, they provided information based on what was in the bank confirmation, but not all the accounts that are there.”


CMU’s acting president Professor Ibrahim Ajagunna was then quizzed if the 22 bank accounts highlighted in the special report were the only accounts at that time, he replied that he was not aware of any other accounts.


AGD’s boss Monroe Ellis also agreed that no other account had come to light following the release of her report of 22 back accounts.



She also told the PAC that her team “did not go in search of any other account beyond what we reported on. There are several financial institutions in Jamaica, we did not send confirmation to all the financial institutions and so my comment can only be limited to those that we have sent a confirmation to.”


Fritz Pinnock, the president who is now on extended special leave amid corruption charges against him, was in charge of corporate governance at both the Caribbean Maritime Institute and when it was upgraded to a university.


More details to come as an external report is pending.


Shannon-Dale Reid

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