CMU Signs MOUs With 3 Nigerian Universities


The Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) is moving to spread its knowledge and expertise to Africa.

The CMU has signed Memoranda of Understanding with three Nigerian universities that will help the local institution advance student and faculty exchange, and the development of maritime, engineering and logistic programme.

The institutions are Nigeria Maritime University (NMU), University of Lagos (UNILAG) and Ondo State University of Science and Technology.     

The agreements were signed in Nigeria on Wednesday (November 21) by CMU President, Professor Fritz Pinnock, and Deputy President, Professor Ibrahim Ajagunna, following talks with faculty members.

Speaking in an interview with JIS News, Professor Pinnock said that the MOUs will help to strengthen the relationship between the countries.

“CMU has developed the capacity to provide cutting-edge tuition and consultancy services over its nearly 40 years of existence and is now determined to share its expertise with the African community by initiating new programmes of South-South cooperation,” he explained.

Professor Pinnock said the initiative will also help to overcome the deficiencies of the past in which African and Caribbean communities were perceived as consumers rather than producers of technological innovation.                 

“CMU is an international university and Africa, South America and China are at the top of our radar. We are in the education export business and the future is about global linkages. We are innovators and the world is our oyster,” he said. The three-man delegation from CMU to Nigeria also included doctoral candidate, Balfour Peart.


Franklin McKnight

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