Common Causes Of Eye Injury And How To Prevent Them

Eye protection is protective gear for the eyes, and sometimes face, designed to reduce the risk of injury. Examples of risks requiring eye protection can include: impact from particles or debris, light or radiation, wind blast, heat and sea spray.

Eye protection is typically separated into categories based on the style of eyewear and the hazard they are designed to reduce. Their categories include Spectacles with side protection; Goggles; Welding helmet; Welding Hand Shields; Non-Rigid Helmets (hoods); Face shield; and Respirator Face pieces.

Protecting your eyes from injury is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your vision healthy throughout your life. The type of eye protection needed will depend on what you are doing. Your regular eyeglasses do not protect your eyes from impact, debris or damage. Protective eyewear should be made from polycarbonate material because it resists shattering and can provide UV (ultraviolet light) protection.

The most common causes of job eye injuries include:

Flying objects (bits of metal, glass, plastic),

Air-blown and wind-blown particles (dust, wood, sand),

Tools (screwdrivers, wrenches),

Chemicals (gasoline, oil, solvents, acids).

For most repair projects and activities around the home you should use eye protection if the activity involves:

Hazardous chemicals or other substances that could damage your eyes upon contact,

Flying debris or other small particles that could hit participants or bystanders,

Projectiles or objects that could fly into the eyes unexpectedly.

In most cases, simple precautions can help you prevent eye injuries at work, home and play.

Avoid distractions when doing anything that could potentially harm your eyes.

Resist the temptation to “multi-task” when working with tools or other objects near your eyes.

Always wear safety glasses, protective goggles or other sports eyewear for greater eye safety when the situation calls for it.

The month of October is observed as an eye injury prevention month, help protect your eyes by taking proactive measures to ensure the quality of eyesight you currently enjoy. If your eye is injured, you should seek immediate medical attention without delay.

Your health…is your responsibility!

Juliane Robinson

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