Community Focus; Shifting Gears Nurturing Young Minds



The Little One’s of Emmanuel Academy is strategically located in the Sunshine City of Portmore for the last 20 years. The Institution founded by Miss Sharon Goulding caters to the needs of a cohort of 50 students currently, achieving academic excellence, molding and developing the minds of the many youngsters who continue to pass through their doors.

Miss Goulding describes her contribution as a ministry as there is not a lot of money involved but says “My drive and satisfaction comes from the role I continue to play in molding young lives, for me that’s satisfaction enough.” She expressed with a glaring smile on her face.

Importantly the atmosphere once you enter this institution is that of a close knit family, the staff very welcoming.

“One of the strong points of The Little One’s of Emmanuel Academy is we’re built as a family. It’s a bond! So when our children matriculate it’s like they never really leave.” Miss Goulding explained.



On our impromptu visit to the school students were learning about transportation, interestingly the Educators saw it necessary to tie into the lesson, persons who serve in the community. Members of the Jamaica Constabulary force were invited to participate in a very interactive session with students.

It was indeed a breath of fresh air to see two of Jamaica’s finest, Sargent Glenroy Baker and Constable Grason from the Hellshire Police Station exhibiting and determined to imparting knowledge while engaging in a commendable act of giving back to the community.



Sargent Baker in a brief interview with us said “I am elated, getting the opportunity to help the future is something I Relish.”

With the sometimes negative stigma circulated about the Police the staff at the school saw the need to give students a clearer understanding that the Police are good people here to serve and protect.

The Little One’s of Emmanuel Academy will be a greater name in Portmore and the legacy will continue as they continue to operate by their mantra “Molding Minds Molding Lives.”


By Juliane Robinson

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