Compassionate Care Programme Launched At Black River Hospital

Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, greets an elderly patient at the launch of the Compassionate Care Programme at the Black River Hospital in St. Elizabeth on Thursday, September 20.

The Minister of Health is expecting patients to begin getting more compassionate care at the Black River Hospital in St. Elizabeth.

This follows the launch of the Ministry of Health’s Compassionate Care Programme at the facility on Thursday, September 20. The Black River Hospital is the fourth health care facility in four parishes to have the facility launched.

Two hundred staff members at the Black River Hospital received basic customer service and customer care training prior to the launch of the Compassionate Care Programme

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Health, Dr. Christopher Tufton, said it is important that healthcare professionals strike a balance between clinical care and compassion.

He said that while healthcare workers have risen to the challenge of providing optimum clinical care, there needs to be improvement in how patients are catered to emotionally.

“I believe compassionate care is an important part of the overall response to public health, in order to develop a mechanism to ensure that we begin to enhance, to develop, to build and strengthen a culture of customer service as we deliver public health,” the Minister added.

Dr. Tufton further noted that effective healthcare extends beyond “clinical application” and incorporates a “method and approach to delivery”, which includes a demonstration of care and compassion through proper customer service.



Meanwhile, Dr. Tufton called for the recruitment of “an army of volunteers to engage and support the processes of public health,” a component of the programme.

The Compassionate Care Programme is geared towards enhancing the psychological wellness of patients within the public health system as a means of promoting speedy recovery.

It also seeks to improve patient experience at the various facilities by improving the aesthetics in waiting areas.

It is projected that all parishes will be covered by March 2019.

By Franklin McKnight


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