Cops Turn To St Ann’s Bay Streets After Ochi Clean Up

The police who are declaring victory for their law and order measures in Ocho Rios are now turning attention to St Ann’s Bay.

Deputy Superintendent of the Police, Beris Williams told the St Ann Municipal Corporation’s monthly meeting Thursday (April 12) that the police are enforcing the law related to public order with “great effect” in St Ann’s Bay, the Parish capital.

He said the police have “stopped taxis” coming into the town centre and this has helped relieve congestion in St Ann’s Bay. DSP Willliams said the changes in St Ann’s bay were noticeable on Main Street.

DSP Williams said the police were also continuing their anti-vending drive in St Ann’s Bay. He said that vendors outside the market on Market Street were allowed to stay on the street because they did so in such a way that allowed the passage of vehicles.

DSP Williams said they were continuing “the struggle” in Browns Town.

Referring to other measures to ensure order as a foundation for law and peace, he said roadside car washing was being curtailed at three regular points – Bull Point Road, Dunn’s River and Roaring River. He also said police were continuing to work to ease the congestion and get order at Priory. DSP Williams told the SAMC that a vendor whose shop attracted illegal parking near the intersection had asked for a meeting with police.

He reminded the SAMC that the curb wall at Priory needed to be appropriately painted and marked “no parking’.

Speaking of Ocho Rios, the policeman said most taxi and bus operators were using the park, traffic congestion had been reduced and serious crime was significantly down.



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