Councillors Appeal For Help As Drought Spreads Across St Ann


Several Councillors in the St Ann Municipal Corporation (SAMC) have called for the Council to help them provide water for their constituents as drought sets in across the parish.

The Councillors made their appeals for help at the monthly general meeting of the SAMC, Thursday March 14, in St Ann’s Bay.

The Councillors said $50,000 per month given to each councillor to assist with trucking water was inadequate, especially as most water tanks and catchment areas were dry or broken. They called on the Council to repair two water trucks, belonging to the Municipality, that have been out for years or to acquire a water truck to assist in getting water to people.

Among Councillors (and their divisions) asking for immediate help were: Rohan Davidson, Alexandria; Lydia Richards, Bensonton, Ian Bell, Beecher Town; Winston Lawrence, Sturge Town; Kim Brown, Brown’s Town, Carlton Ricketts, Dry Harbour, Lambert Weir, Claremont and Delroy Kelly, Moneague.

No statement on proposed action to address the drought came from the Council’s leadership. The usual procedure is for the statements or questions during question time to be considered by the relevant committee and addressed at the next monthly meeting.


Franklin McKnight

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