Councilor Seeking Answers About Money In KSAMC




Councilor for the Maxfield Park Division, Dennis Gordon is not satisfied that the business of the people within the Corporate Area is being taken seriously, as documents detailing revenue and expenditure are yet to be released to the Council of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC).

Gordon, who was speaking earlier today (Tuesday, March 12) at the general monthly meeting of the KSAMC at its Church Street, Kingston headquarters, said that he takes the matter seriously, and has penned a letter requesting an immediate response from Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robert Hill.


Councilor Gordon has taken particular issues with Hill, in regards to his perceived handling of questions by the minority caucus on a document that was withdrawn during the monthly sitting of Council on Tuesday, January 8 without explanation. That situation he said has not been clarified up to now.

The document, titled ‘Approved Budget Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2018/2019’, which pointed to a 13 percent reduction in the KSAMC’s budget by the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, was purportedly withdrawn as it needed “further work and clarification”.


Gordon, a member of the People’s National Party (PNP) minority caucus at the KSAMC, said that in light of what he believes is a dereliction of duty by Town Clerk Hill, he is again seeking clarity on the status of the document and the possible implications it may have on current and future policies and programmes spearheaded by the KSAMC.

“Your Worship, it is difficult as a body to then go through the order paper to see ‘NIL’ for such an important copy. The fact that we have had a reduction in our budget, the fact that we have not yet distilled the way forward as it relates to those adjustments; I take it that we’re not serious about the governance of the city,” Gordon argued.

“I have tendered a letter, which I hope the CEO will read. It is titled ‘Dereliction of Duty’ and I take it very seriously,” he added.


The silence that echoed in the Council chambers ended as the Deputy Mayor, Councilor Winston Ennis, made a 2-minute- 30-second speech in the absence of Mayor Delroy Williams. It was not explained to the council why Mayor Williams was absent for a second-straight month.

After acknowledging the submission of Gordon’s letter, Deputy Mayor Ennis told the Councilors that a detailed response would be forthcoming from CEO Hill at the next sitting of Council in April.

“We are noting your comment, and the Town Clerk will get back to you,” Ennis stated.

A similar position was taken by the Town Clerk himself, as he stated that per the provisions of the standing orders of the KSAMC, “that response will be given at the next sitting of Council.”


Gavin Riley

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