Court Frees Rastafarian Man of Ganja Charge

Roman Lindo walked free from a ganja charge Wednesday after he managed to convince a judge that he was using it for recreational purposes when the police arrested him.

Lindo was charged with possession of ganja weighing four ounces but when the matter was raised inside the Corporate Area Criminal Court, the defendant told the judge that he was using the drug privately when the police arrived.

Lindo pleaded guilty but he denied the amount stated in the prosecution’s statement and told Parish Judge Chester Crooks that it was less than an ounce.

The judge was informed by Clerk of Court Hansard Lawson that the court awaits a forensic report from the police.

The judge gave the accused man a stern warning before dismissing the matter in light of the prosecution’s disclosure and Lindo’s reluctance to accept the allegations levelled at him.

“Ganja is not legal yet. Being caught with this amount is like getting a traffic ticket where it is not considered a crminal record. I say that to say, be safe and more cautious next time,” said Judge Crooks.

Roxroy McLean

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