COVID-19 Publication Of The 2019 Voters’ List

The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ), has confirmed that the voters’ list scheduled for publication on May 31 will be delayed until July 31.

EOJ says this is due to the continued impact of the coronavirus on the Jamaican society.

According to the Director of Elections, Glasspole Brown, “the effects of the COVID-19 hindered our preparations for the timely publication of the voters’ list, particularly the residence verification for applicants. We have now put the necessary measures in place to advance the preparations to publish the list on July 31.”

He also noted that Jamaicans added to this list can expect to collect their voter identification cards by mid-August, at the same time, individuals seeking to be added to the voters’ list who received a summons to appear before the Returning Officer for his or her constituency are now set for June 9, 10 and 11.

Anyone failing to attend the sitting will not be added to the list.


Shannon-Dale Reid

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