Crash Draws Attention To Dangers At Riu Mammee Bay Entrance/Exit

The vehicle at left is taking on passengers, the Suzuki at centre is therefore using a ‘non existent “middle lane” and the vehicle at right is wanting to cross to enter Riu

Another road crash outside the entrance of Club Riu Hotel Mammee Bay and Mammee Bay Estate (Residential development), St Ann has again thrown up questions about the need for traffic signals there.

The latest crash took place on Saturday, October 13 and involved two motor cars.

Reports confirmed by the St Ann police are that a vehicle was exiting  Club Hotel Riu Ocho Rios and turning right (or west) along the Mammee Bay main road when it was hit by a vehicle going west, from Ocho Rios toward Drax Hall.

The vehicle traveling from Ocho Rios was sent airborne on impact and rolled onto the opposite side of the road. The driver reportedly received minor injuries to his arm.

Parking and stopping at the only entrance/exit to Riu at Mammee Bay creates tight spaces for motorists

Police told Jamaica Today that it was likely the driver of the car exiting Riu would be charged for careless driving.

For months now, motorists have complained about the area around the entrance/exit to Riu and the Mammee Bay Estate, the adjacent property, to its west.

The Riu entrance/exit is often busy because it is the staff entrance as well as the access for guests. That means it is a drop-off and pick up point for public passenger vehicles taking staff; as well as it is the entrance for tour buses, delivery trucks and vans and others doing business with the hotel.

Residents of Mammee Bay Estate have also suggested that the hotel should provide another entrance so, as in most properties, there would be a gate for staff and one for guests, reducing the traffic at the Riu/Mammee Bay Estate entrance.

Action at the entrance to Riu

There have also been suggestions for a traffic signal there.

A set of traffic lights is found further east, about 100 yards away, at the entrance-exit to Greenwich Estate but the traffic flow from the community is very minimal.

Even though the area outside Riu and Mammee Bay is zoned as 50 kilometers per hour, the open roadway with two lanes going west often sees drivers speeding, increasing the chances of crashes.

Franklin McKnight

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