Crawford Encourages Student Leaders to Beat the System


Damion Crawford and students at the St. Andrew Technical High School.


Student leaders at the St. Andrew Technical High School were today (October 3) beneficiaries of a motivational talk by Opposition Spokesperson on Social Transformation, Community Development, and Culture, Senator Damion Crawford.

He told the student leaders to beat the system that says “you’re not good enough, you can’t and won’t make it because of where you come from, [it’s] about mindset”. He added “Changing that mindset is needed for anyone to achieve greatness and proving the system wrong”.

Crawford knocked the notion surrounding the “get rich quick” mentality and encouraged the students to rethink such thoughts to and do their best at everything they do.

The session was an interactive one. The students hung on to every word said by Senator Crawford.

Jamaica Today spoke with the Senator who expounded on the need for beating the system (listen to audio clip).


Shannon-Dale Reid

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