Crime Down Across Area 2

The Area 2 police say crime is down across the three parishes it covers – St Ann, St Mary and Portland.

Head of Area 2, Assistant Commissioner (ACP) Elbert W. Nelson said all category of major crime including murder were down, though robbery and aggravated assault have increased.

ACP Elbert W Nelson, head of Area 2 Police, addressing a press conference Wednesday morning.

Giving data supported by an audio visual presentation, and using January 1 to August 17 as the periods for comparison between 2018 and 2019, ACP Nelson said there were 372 serious crimes last year compared to 348 this year, a reduction of 24 crimes. Murders across the three parishes were down from 55 to 48.

ACP Nelson said: “The area is presently experiencing a six percent reduction in serious and violent crime.”

He said murder is down 13 percent, rape was down by 59 percent, larceny down by 30% and break-ins by 17 percent. Although there have been fewer murders in St Mary (43 percent down) and Portland (22 percent down), St Ann has increased murders, up by five compared to last year.

He was speaking at a press conference Wednesday, August 21, at Police Area Two Headquarters, Pompano, St Mary.

Also participating in the press conference were: Senior Superintendent (SSP) Michael Smith, in charge of Police Operations, Area 2; SSP Calvin Small, in charge of St Ann; Superintendent Bobbette Morgan, in charge of St Mary; Superintendent Beresford Williams, Portland and other senior officers of Area 2.

Chairing the press conference was Sgt Taneca James.

Franklin McKnight

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