Crime Down In Portmore

Police Superintendent Leighton Gray, responsible for South St. Catherine, including Portmore, says his division is one of the few where crime is on the decline.

“As it relates to crime in the general St. Catherine South Division, I am proud to say that of the 19 geographic divisions across the island and Jamaica, St. Catherine South is among the few that enjoys a reduction at this time in crime”, Supt Gray disclosed.

He was speaking at the monthly meeting of the Portmore Municipal Corporation at the offices at Portmore Pines, St Catherine, on Wednesday evening September 12, 2018. The Superintendent did not give data to bear out his claim

Supt Gray said the residents of Portmore should also be acknowledged for their efforts. “The level of reduction can be attributed to the general cooperation of citizens living in the area, I must commend them”, Supt Gray said.

Kenord Grant, councillor for the Bridgeport Division added that this reduction in crime was achieved without the need for a State of Emergency.  “This is achieved without a state of emergency”, Grant boasted.

Superintendent Gray said the police are using strategies to increase the seizure of illegal firearms in Portmore.

“Since the start of this year there has been an increase in the seizure of illegal firearm. We have 45 this year compared to 42 last years.”

He said 28 were recovered in the municipality — 12 in Portmore; four in Bridgeport; six in Caymanas; two in Waterford and two in Hellshire.

By Andre Cooper

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