Crown Her Mother Of The Year

Mother of The Year, Joyce-Lyn Spence of Clarendon, receives a trophy as part of her prize from Ava-Gay Blair competition conceptualizer and organizer at the crowning on Saturday.

Joyce Lyn Spence of Clarendon is “Mother of the Year” by virtue of a competition that had its crowning on Saturday Night, Mothers’ Day Eve.

Mrs Spence, a clothes vendor in the May Pen Market for over twenty-five years, was selected from several mothers through a promotion on social media before a final show-of- hands vote on Saturday night.

Conceptualizer of the competition is Ava-Gay Blair. She put on the crowning show dubbed “Mother of the Year” in association with Gospel Ja FM last Saturday evening at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston. The competition and show were to honour outstanding mothers across Jamaica.

A competition was launched on Social Media platforms asking persons to submit a letter highlighting an outstanding mother who they believed deserved to be crowned “Mother of the Year”. From those letters, three were selected. The letters were read on the platform Saturday night and the mothers to whom they referred were invited on stage. The audience voted for the final three with the judges having the final say.

After being named the top mom, a still-in-shock Mrs. Spence told Jamaica Today: “I was so nervous, mi feet dem start to shake, mi a wonder seh no! Mi never in the least expect anything like this,” she said with a broad smile.

Joyce-Lyn Spence, Mother of The Year, is flanked by Ava Lindo (left), first runner up, and Juliet Gooden, second runner up following the coronation show on Saturday night, in Kingston.

Mrs Spence spoke proudly of children whose lives she had touched and said she had photographs of them decorating her shop at May Pen Market. She received a gift basket courtesy of Polypet Company Ltd. Along with a trophy and a tiara.

First runner up was Inspector Ava Lindo of May Pen, Clarendon and second runner up, Pastor Juliet Gooden of St. Ann who both walked away with gift baskets courtesy of Town Centre Pharmacy in Spanish Town, trophies and plaques and their own tiara. Mrs. Gooden also went home with the “Most Influential Mother of the Year” award.

Every mother in the ball room, walked away with a token of appreciation.

There was an entertaining programme leading up to the crowing. It was hosted by the vibrant and comical Markland Edwards of RJR 94 FM and the gracious Ava-Gay Blair of Gospel Ja FM.

Saxophonist Marco Newell ushered the mothers and their companies in with the soothing sound of the brass. Leighton Smith had everyone in stiches with his quirky sense of humour. Rebecca Harper gave a heart-warming presentation, empowering and encouraging mothers to take it easy and unwind. She shared her own touching story of managing triple jobs while catering to children with special needs.

Jai Kingston and Kimola Brown-Lowe Ministered in song and had everyone on their feet as the event went into full swing.

The event was aimed at highlighting mothers who were selfless and who made an imprint on the hearts of others.

-Christal Gooden


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