Customs Says It Is Not Involved With Auction Being Advertised On Social Media




The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is seeking to disassociate itself from a flyer circulating on social media about auctions purportedly to be undertaken by the Agency.

The JCA says the flyer “did not originate with the Agency and bears false and erroneous information.”

It called on persons to desist from further circulating this flyer or share its contents.

In keeping with the Customs Act, all auctions relating to motor vehicles and general merchandise, are officially advertised by the Agency by way of print media, as well as posted on the Agency’s website:


The JCA says that by law, all public auctions are advertised in the newspaper, thirty (30) days prior to the date of the auction sale and all payments – cash or Managers’ Cheques must be paid directly at the Jamaica Customs Agency Cashier on the day of the auction. All cheques must also be written in the name ‘Collector of Customs’.

The JCA is further advising that at no time should persons make payments to any person or entity, outside of these accepted payment channels.

Additionally, the Agency will at no time, use an email or flyer to communicate to anyone or the public, regarding auction sales. The JCA will not sell any item or good, outside of the guidelines that are laid out in the Customs Act and its Regulations.


Any item placed on auction, such as a motor vehicle, which is not sold at that auction is put up for resale by the JCA, at a subsequent auction.

The JCA went on in its release to give details about how its auctions take place.

It asks that persons contact the Jamaica Customs Agency’s Customer Service Team at: or, or by telephone at 876-922-5140-8 (Mondays-Fridays) if you require any further information or clarification.


By: Franklin McKnight                                     

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