Daughter’s Kidneys Stolen? – Mother Wants Independent Pathologist

A Kingston mother is pressing her claim for a local hospital to allow her an opportunity to have an independent pathologist at her daughter’s autopsy.

Nadine Evans’ daughter, Carell White, passed away at a hospital in Kingston on December 19, 2017. White, 31, had reportedly told her mother that medical personnel took her kidneys and replaced them with defective ones.

“At first, I believed she was hallucinating because of the drugs, but even days later she kept saying the exact thing. I believe they did something to her because of the way they are carrying out things. Just months before she had perfect kidneys and then all of a sudden they failed,” Evans said.




Evans said White was referred to the hospital in November by a private doctor for treatment and further tests as she complained of fatigue. Her face and feet were swollen.

“When I went to visit her at the hospital about two days later she looked as if she was hit by a bus. She was swollen all over and she could not move. When I asked the doctor why she looked like this, she told me that she was treating her and her heart failed,” Evans said.

Evans told The STAR that her daughter was placed on dialysis as she was deemed to have suffered kidney failure.

“To make a long story short, my daughter told me that she didn’t feel as if she was getting dialysis when she went in the room. Anyway, after the procedure, her entire body turned blue and she told me her toes and fingers were hurting her. She also told me that the doctors and nurses had removed her kidneys and replaced them with defective ones,” she said.

Evans said the doctors told her that her daughter also possibly had lupus. It has been more than two months since White passed away but she said the hospital has refused to release her body.




“When I went on the ward for a death certificate they told me that they had to do an autopsy as they were still uncertain of what she died from. I told them that I wouldn’t be signing any document as I needed to seek the advice of an attorney first. She was in the hospital for four weeks so why wouldn’t they know her cause of death when she was been given antibiotics?” she said.

The hospital, in a letter to Evans’ lawyer, said her refusal to sign the consent effectively blocked the registration of the death. The hospital also said that it only allows independent pathologists in circumstances where the death is being investigated by a pathologist. It said White’s death does not fall into that category.

Source: Jamaica Star

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